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You chose FH Group because:

  • We are one of the most trustworthy organisations you must work with.


  • We are built  on providing a quality products and services only.


  • We care about your business.


  • We provide exactly what you need at a reasonable price.


  • We are providing services come what may.


  • We are here to help your business.

The companies within the FH Group are built on the principles of providing a quality products and services at all time, irrespective of economic challenges. The trustworthiness of these noble organisations is what set us apart from the others in our line of businesses. You can trust us for; Quality, Timely delivery and Professionalism. Dealing with us is just a formality, even if you do not have  the industries' knowledge, we will help you from start to finish.


If you want to import any of our products  just send us your proposal through our contacts, either the Support form or email us at

SICOP Industries

SICOP Industries produce Fish meal, fish oil and frozen fish. The company produces a very high quality products for the European, and Asia market. Our fish meal is produced from whole Sardines only with a minimum of 67% Protein, Fat: 10% Max. Moisture: 6-10%, Salt: 3% Max. Sand alone: 2% max. Salmonella: Negative.


Our crude Fish Oil is produced also from whole Sardines  with the following specifications: FFA (Free fatty Acid): 7.0% Max. Impurities: 0.5% max. Moisture: 0.5% Max. TOTOX (anisidine + 2 x peroxide): 35 Max. Salmonella: Negative, Antioxidant: o.65/mt, added at the time of storage. Our high quality fish meal and fish oil are produced from non-human consumable fishes. 


We are mainly into producing Prime and supper prime quality. Our fish meal is obtained by cooking, pressing, drying and milling fresh raw fish harvested specifically for this purpose. Fish meal is an excellent source of highly digestible protein, long chain omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals our fish meal quality is dependent on the quality of the raw materials we use and also on the processing method involved. We apply a higher standard and procedures in our field of work.

FH Procurement SarL

FH Procurement Sarl is one of the companies within the FH Group, established in the year 2008. FH Procurement Sarl is based and operate in Mauritania as a procurement company. The company initially started with buying and selling fish. Now this company has diversified into other areas such as fish meal and oil trading in an association with TripleNine and Norsildmel Innovation SA. FH Procurement Sarl is one of Mauritania’s top 10 supplying enterprises in terms of overall performance. We control the process from fishing, preparation, preservation and exporting.

We also trade fish meal and oil from other producers in Mauritania. We have a decade experience in trading fish meal and fish oil to almost all the international market. We provide tailor made products and services that you can trust. For quality and timely procurement of seafoods and its related services on the continent, there is no other place to visit than one of the FH Group’s companies.


We are always responsible for the quality of the products and services we have on offer. The Companies stands on the principle of providing a quality products and services for international consumption.

Crista Ice

Crista Ice is one of the companies of FH Group, this company is into production and supply of mineral water (Ice water), with a modern technology under one of the best hygienic environment in Ghana. We are located at Tema. For quality and the best hygienic potable water look no further than Crista Ice, any time you see one in town, just grab it, drink it and feel good!! For water is a natural miracle ingredient that supports vitamin consumption.

Our body is made up of 60% water. So, water plays a vital role in keeping our body fit. These bodily fluids consisting of water help in digestion, circulation, absorption, production of saliva, transportation of nutrients throughout the body. Water helps to maintain the body temperature at normal. Intake of water helps your body to keep functioning well. Our brain is up to 90% water while our tissues and muscles are up to 75% water.

When our body lacks fluid, our brain stops working, and we get migraines and headaches due to dehydration. It’s better to keep a bottle of water around so that you may replenish the lost fluids. When we sweat we lose a lot of water content in the process, but this is not without any cause. Sweat helps to lower the body temperature so that the body does not overheat.

Hatfel Ghana Limited

Hatfel Ghana Limited is a registered Ghanaian Company that deals in general goods and real Estate.

Hatfel is also into importation of high quality frozen products for the Ghanaian market.  We offer a wide range of frozen fish. As established frozen fish supplier we guarantee high quality frozen fish products. We source our frozen fish from all over the world. We use experienced, independent inspectors to provide quality control on all frozen fish shipments. Furthermore, we control the full chain, from the fishing vessel to your doorstep. Especially the pelagic species like frozen mackerel, frozen herring and frozen salmon are our expertise. You should contact us and tell us what you need, within no-time you will receive our offer. We are ensuring a year round supply of frozen mackerel, frozen herring and frozen horse mackerel. 


Thanks for your interest in our services. Please fill out the email form, submit, and we will get back to you soon.

Head Office, Ghana.

Community 9 Harbour Road Office

Tema- Ghana, West Africa.

Tel: +233 264 786 100/ 508 212 478

Mauritania Office.

Lot 05, Zone Industrial, Bountiya


Tel:  +222 26 203 097/26 806 359




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